Facebook’s New Interactive Ad Options: Video Poll Ads, AR Ads, And Playable Ads

In case you haven’t heard yet, Facebook announced Thursday three new interactive ad solutions video poll ads, AR ads, and playable ads — and they’re game-changing! Here’s the evidence so far.

Expect to see an increasing shift in the content marketing strategies of many businesses beginning this fall with Facebook’s latest advertisement offerings. As 92% of consumers in the US want a story-like approach in brand advertisements, Facebook makes convenient for business owners and marketers to deliver the kind of content that their audience wants. By using any of the three tools to create fun and useful ads, brands can grab attention more effectively than using static ads.

People want to be included in your next big idea and are using new innovative ways to do it — fewer words, more GIFs, Lives, Reactions, emojis, face filters, and stickers. In turn, brands and people are becoming more intertwined and it’s changing digital advertising from a one-way push communication to an ongoing dialogue powered by creativity. — Facebook

What are the advantages of video poll ads?

With the availability of video poll ads this month, brands can use the tool to learn what products, services, or content would appeal the most to their viewers. By using video poll ads, brands can collect precious information that they can use to develop new products or services and improve what they are already offering. This ensures that they have a market for what they will be selling if it was created based on consumers’ wants and needs.

Facebook Video Poll Ads

Getting the opinion of consumers through video polls is also a way of building a relationship with them. As 78% of consumers trust brands that create more customized content, you would get more engagement and higher conversions when you deliver the content that they are craving for. Cable network E! saw how powerful “creating meaningful interactions” can be in increasing brand awareness and conversions. By using Facebook video poll ads for the show Total Bellas, they were able to excite their fans and boosted viewership of season 4 as a result.

E! continually seeks deeper ways to connect with viewers. The launch of Facebook poll ads was an exciting opportunity for us to use media in a fun and interactive way ahead of the Season 4 premiere of Total Bellas. Allowing fans to engage with the show helped us create meaningful interactions that drove success throughout the season. — Eric Eckstein, Senior Director, Digital Marketing, E! Entertainment

What can businesses expect from using AR ads?

Facebook believed that businesses will have a clear opportunity in using augmented reality ads. This is based on a recent survey which found that 63% of internet users in the US have already tried an AR experience created by a brand. Using as examples the results achieved by two cosmetic brands, WeMakeUp and Bobbi Brown Cosmetics in the AR ads test, Facebook noted that AR ads converted more than non-AR ads. Both brands showed an increase in CTRs and sales.

WeMakeUp AR Ad

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics had tripled the CTRs and doubled the purchases of its new Luxe Matte Lip Color after people saw the AR effect of the lipstick for an average of 61 seconds.

The people’s reaction to the AR ads showed that interactive content is very effective in educating and influencing the buying audience. According to the IAB study, an interactive video ad gives 9x higher impact on influencing the consumer’s purchase intent. It can also increase total time spent by 47% and can stretch ad investment by 52% making it more cost-efficient compared to non-AR video ads.

Now that Facebook announced the open beta for AR ads this fall, you’ll have the chance of testing the format for your brand and find out how it will make a difference to your CTRs and conversions.

Why make your ads playable?

The playable ads format was already rolled out in August 2018 to help advertisers pitch their games in the best way possible. Believing that this kind of format will benefit non-video game marketers too, Facebook has recently expanded the playable ads for all advertisers worldwide. Marketers can use the tool to boost downloads, conversations, and brand objectives by allowing people to play games. Vans and Uber India have already used the format and reported an increase in ad recall and CTRs.

Vans Playable Ad

Based on a survey, 79% of marketers agree that with interactive content consumers are likely to retain a brand’s message. Interactive content can also result in multiple exposures and repeat visitors that can boost brand awareness, engagement, and conversions. By adding playable ads to your list of marketing strategies, you’ll have something fun and highly creative means of attracting people to interact with your brand.

Key Takeaway

AR ads — If you don’t want your ads to see a 50% higher CTR and 40% more purchases, you can probably just ignore and write it off as a fad. AR ads are gonna be insanely profitable for a lot of brands, make sure yours is one of them.

Video poll ads are a great way of engaging customers, it’s not clear yet if we can retarget based on poll answers, but if we can, that would be a super easy way to becoming a millionaire overnight. Something tells me this might be a little too good to ever be true. However, poll ads can be a great way to build your brand and steer your brand in the right direction.

Playable ads have been around a while already in the app world, and so far have been used mostly for advertising other gaming apps. If gamification can also be used to drive eCommerce? Might work…might not…only time will tell.




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David Linder

David Linder

Founder of ProductMafia.com winning dropshipping products uploaded daily.

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